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06 - Neptune by Tarrenger 06 - Neptune by Tarrenger
this fellow is part of a series of renamons i came up with from a story i once read on, if i happen to findi it again i'll add a link to it.
any way onwards!
Neptune here is #6 in a series of 8 renamon look alikes, each is unique in apperance, ability and personality. unlike actual digimon, they are flesh and blood creatures and not composed of data. but they can evolve, with a device intergrated into either the left or right arm. this is done through a voice command, negating the need for a tamer.

Neptune is imbued with power over water, designed for infiltration of water based targets such as boats, and subs. Neptune is able to control water in much the same way a water bender can (best way i can describe it x3) however he can't turn it to ice or from ice to water. he is also capable of melting into water himself! allowing him to slip into areas otherwise inaccessable to him as well as remaining hidden. Neptune is one of the few of the group highly skilled in close quarters combat. in addition he weilds a trident to quickly disarm opponents.

Personality wise Neptune is calm and focused, however he is capable of being intensly angered, unleashing the force of a tsunami upon the target of his anger. often time he is irritated with Julian, who constantly calls him Neppy as a nickname.

out of the 8 Neptune is the hardest to injure, being able to quickly heal by shifting from his solid form to his water form and back.
you'll know more as i post the others.
any way i didn't draw this but i did use this nifty flash [link] i used this with the others as well so pic is copy righted to the flash's creator and stuff :3
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July 31, 2012
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